3 Things That Must Be Experienced By Patients with Sensitive Teeth

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Did you know that the wrong way to brush your teeth can lead to gum loss? As a result especially if not sensitive teeth.
No doubt, sensitive teeth are a common complaint. Even so, not all sufferers know what might be happening behind this condition.

Well, here are the 3 things in question:

Tooth ache when consuming hot or cold food

One incident that is often felt by patients with sensitive teeth is sharp pain when consuming hot or cold food. Because the condition of sensitive teeth, gum reduction that occurs causes the opening of the tooth root. This is what makes you very sensitive and feel achy towards hot or cold stimulation.

Tooth ache when eating sweet foods

For sufferers of sensitive teeth, sweet foods – like dodol, dates, raisins, and the like – can cause sudden pain. This is thought to be due to differences in the consistency of fluid inside and outside the pores of the dentine, which in turn causes changes in pressure on the teeth (osmotic).

Tooth ache due to exposure to air

Owners of sensitive teeth usually close their mouth tightly when there is a gust of wind around them. The reason is, when the wind hits sensitive teeth, an unbearable feeling of pain will occur. The sufferers of sensitive teeth usually also feel excessive pain when cleaning tartar at the dentist.
Don’t want to suffer because of sensitive teeth? Immediately improve the oral care you do everyday. Start by replacing the toothbrush with softer bristles, applying the correct and proper method of brushing your teeth, using special toothpaste, and routine control to the dentist.