3 Shocking Events Behind Tooth Pain

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash
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Often experience aching teeth? Watch out, don’t underestimate. Because the aching teeth are a sign of a problem in your oral cavity!

Here are 3 shocking events behind aching teeth:

Decreased gum

Most cases of aching teeth are caused by decreased gum. This condition results in part of the tooth root surface being exposed.

Initially, the tooth root was coated by a layer of cementum. However, bad toothbrushing habits, or the habit of chewing ice cubes cause the layer to disappear slowly.

As a result, dentin teeth will open and cause teeth sensitive to certain stimuli. For example: temperature, pressure, friction, and chemical stimulation.

Dental caries

Caries – the cause of cavities or broken teeth – causes teeth to lose some of their structure. This makes the dentin part of the teeth open. As a result, teeth become very sensitive to various stimuli. Finally, aching teeth are often unavoidable.

Loose tooth fillings

Dental fillings can be damaged if not kept clean. Because the edge of the patch that borders the teeth into a gathering place for bacteria.

If not cleaned, new caries under the patch will form. When it happens, the teeth will ache and ache.
Before the aching teeth become more parasitic, you should immediately take yourself to the dentist. Because, this condition can cause recurrence at the wrong time.