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8 Bad Habits That Damage Teeth

Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash

Everyone craves neatly arranged clean white teeth. In addition to increasing one’s confidence, having healthy teeth is also the base of a healthy body. But sometimes, you are not aware of having bad habits that can actually damage teeth.

Well, here are some habits that must be stopped immediately if you want to have sparkling healthy teeth:

Chew Ice

This habit you might consider harmless. But chewing on the ice can make your teeth crack. Cracked ice can also irritate your gums. So if you have a desire to chew ice, divert the desire and can be replaced with sugar-free gum.

Exercising without mouth protection

Playing sports is fun. But if you play without mouth protection, there is a possibility that your teeth risk damage due to being hit by hard objects. Some sports have a risk of injury to the face including the mouth, which has been found in some circumstances the occurrence of broken front teeth due to injury during sports.

Sucking pacifiers

If you often give a baby a bottle of milk, later this habit can have an impact on abnormalities and tooth decay. To prevent this, avoid sleeping your baby with teeth still biting the pacifier so that the sugar in the milk does not stick to the teeth.

Grinding teeth

This habit is commonly called bruxism and can damage teeth. The cause is triggered by stress and usually occurs when sleeping without being realized by the sufferer. Usually the dentist will provide protective teeth in the form of a mouth guard that can be used while sleeping to protect your teeth from further damage.

Sweet foods and soft drinks

Sweet food is the number one enemy of teeth. Candy and soda drinks that contain lots of sugar, will stick to the teeth and be turned into acid by bacteria that can damage your teeth. This can cause cavities

Open or bite something with teeth

Opening a bottle cap, tearing a snack wrap or biting a pencil with teeth can cause tooth decay. You have to realize that teeth are a part of the body that have masticatory, aesthetic and speech functions. So it’s good you pay more attention and maintain the health of your teeth by eliminating bad habits.

Drink coffee and wine

Acid substances in the content of coffee and wine (red wine) can make your teeth turn yellow and can damage enamel on the surface of your teeth. Stains arising from the consumption of these drinks can be cleaned with the help of a dentist but email damage due to acid derived from wine can only be avoided by reducing this habit.


Smoking not only makes yellow teeth and causes gum disease, but also has the risk of causing oral cancer. So you still want to smoke?

Also choose toothpaste that is good for dental enamel health, contains Mineral & fluoride HAP to help remineralize the surface of tooth enamel, and contains Microgranule which is fine grains that can clean up between your teeth.